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10 Tips for Good Health During a Woman’s Journey from Her First Period Through Menopause According to Dr. Lakeisha OB/GYN

Women’s Health Week
, May 12-18, highlights the need for women to
take control of their health and understand the changes that their
bodies undergo as they mature through the reproductive and
post-reproductive years.

“Each stage of a woman’s journey involves new and different physical and
emotional health issues. Women have different needs at 20, 30, 40, 50,
and 60+, so it’s important to develop a health strategy for each phase,”
says Lakeisha Richardson, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. OB/GYN. “Embrace the
changes in all stages, and don’t be afraid to explore solutions to
address specific health challenges.”

Below are Dr. Lakeisha’s top 10 tips to optimize health at different
ages and stages:

  1. Find the right doc for you. Find an OB/GYN or medical
    professional you relate to, someone you can talk to about anything and
  2. Stay on top of things. Get your mammogram, pap smear, and a
    colonoscopy regularly- and ask your doc when you need each.
  3. Be in the know when trying to conceive. Learn your ovulation
    cycle by tracking it, or try a First
    Response Ovulation Test Kit
    to identify your fertile window. Start
    taking prenatal vitamins and vitamin B6 right away. vitafusion
    makes an easy-to-take Prenatal
    and B6
    gummy vitamin supplement. Or, ask your doctor about OB Complete, a
    prescription prenatal that contains 1000 mcg Folic acid to help reduce
    the risk of birth defects of the brain and spinal cord.
  4. Maintain a healthy vaginal pH. An unbalanced pH is common from
    triggers like menstruation, sex, douching without balancing pH
    afterwards, and hormone fluctuations during pregnancy or menopause. I
    recommend a pH-balancing gel like RepHresh to normalize pH. Many women
    also mistake BV for yeast infections. But be aware, if you take
    antibiotics for BV, it can lead to a yeast infection, and the
    uncomfortable cycle begins again. So, take RepHresh
    , a vaginal probiotic to balance yeast and bacteria daily.
  5. Menopause and sexuality. Put your sex life on the front burner
    again; it’s vital for health, happiness, and maintaining an engaged
    relationship. If your sex life is waning because of dryness or pain,
    the fix is often as easy as visiting the drug store for Replens
    Vaginal Moisturizer
    to provide relief from internal dryness for
    three days and Replens Silky Smooth, a preservative-free silicone lube
    used just before sex to avoid abrasion and ease comfort.
  6. Exercise regularly. Regular, moderate-to-vigorous exercise can
    help prevent or delay the onset of heart disease, hypertension,
    obesity and osteoporosis. Over time, regular exercising can help to
    increase motion in joints, reduce weight, and improve self-esteem.
    Protective gear like Wellgate’s wrist support can help prevent stress
    fractures during exercise.
  7. Check those bones. Get a bone density test to determine bone
    health and use regular weight-bearing exercises to improve balance and
    strength. vitafusion’s Calcium and Vitamin D3 are great for
    bone and immune support when a blood or saliva test indicate a
    supplement is necessary.
  8. Get plenty of vitamin D. Enjoying 15 minutes of exposure to
    natural sunlight daily is important for nutrition and essential for
    mental health, bone density, vitamin D production and other health
    benefits. Ask your doctor to check your vitamin D level and take a
    vitamin D3 supplement if it’s too low.
  9. Try to relax more. We all can become super-stressed, no matter
    what stage of life. Women who are stressed often feel tired, worried,
    depressed or anxious. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep, breathe,
    and take time for yourself.
  10. Strengthen those pelvic floor muscles. If at any stage from
    post-partum through menopause you find yourself suffering from
    unexpected urine or bowel leakage when you laugh, sneeze, cough or
    run, there’s a new FDA cleared pelvic floor strengthening device
    called Attain.
    It allows you to self-treat and exercise the pelvic floor in the
    privacy of home, reducing or eliminating the need for pads, pills or

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