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3 Tips For Going From Vegetarian To Vegan

Going vegetarian is simple enough, but transitioning to full-on veganism presents a whole new set of challenges. Can I really let go of cheese? How will I get enough protein? What happens when I want to eat out? These are the questions that plague the mind of someone who’s on the fence about going vegan.

Transitioning to a plant-based diet is a renewing experience – and one that will reward you for years to come. Do it well and you’ll feel more energetic, save money and be able to face your plate without an ounce of guilt. Trust me, it’s worth it! Ready to take that next big step? Here are my five best tips for going from a vegetarian diet to a vegan one as smoothly as possible.

First, get your priorities straight.

Going vegan is a personal choice and one that people make for a variety of reasons. Before embarking on this journey, take some time to think through your motivation. What, deep in your gut, is urging you forward? Is it a desire to protect animal life from harm? To lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle? Whatever it is, identify it. Write it down. Keep it close. You’ll need the motivation later.


Second, treat the experience like it’s an adventure – it is!

Looking at your transition to veganism as a journey (not as an obligation or a chore) is one of the best things you can do to set yourself up for success. Let yourself enjoy the experience without expectations of doing things perfectly. Try new foods, cook an off-the-wall recipe, add odd, new ingredients to your fridge. Going vegan will open up your taste buds to a whole new world of flavor!

Third, consider bringing a friend along for the ride.

Having a buddy go through the process with you can make all the difference. That solidarity can really come in handy! Talk regularly, discuss how you’re feeling about the whole thing, brainstorm possible solutions if the road gets bumpy. Don’t have a friend who will try it? Consider joining an online community on Facebook or another vegan forum. You’d be surprised how supportive people will be.

Friends eating smoothie bowls topped with fresh tropical fruit

Fourth, try making veganized versions of your favorite meals.

Burgers, egg scrambles, macaroni and cheese…whatever your favorite meal, I promise it has a vegan dupe! Browse the web, click around on Pinterest, ask for suggestions in online forums. There are a wealth of delicious, satisfying, vegan comfort foods awaiting you!

Fifth, allow yourself to take it slow if need be.

This isn’t a race – it’s a journey – and your transition will be a lasting one if you make a conscious, sustainable effort. Remember: any step toward a fully plant-based diet is a positive one. Meatless is better than its alternative, dairy-free is better than its alternative, plant-based is better than its alternative. Whatever you can commit to now, today, is enough. Just keep your eyes on the end goal and make it happen in time.

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