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A smoothie start to good health

While driving to Sampath Vinayak Temple Road from JD Institute Of Fashion Technology, there is a store sign with a picture of Popeye the sailor. It has been years since I saw Popeye and , unable to resist my curiosity, I decide to investigate further.

It turns out to be a smoothie store called Pop Smoothie Station (PSS). Popeye would approve as this store offers only healthy fruit and vegetable juices.

All drinks have a combination of at least two fruits or vegetables and are made without sugar. The takeaway juice centre offers 21 different choices.

The store that is just three week’s old is the brainchild of 26-year-old Bhagya Raj Budda. After working for a few years in the hospitality sector in Goa, he is back to his hometown. “My lifestyle is Goa wasn’t sustainable. I got caught up in the party culture and rarely ate healthy meals ,” he confesses.

In order to get back to the straight and narrow, Bhagya started YouTubing healthy recipes. “Out of all the recipes, making smoothies were the easiest. I decided to set up PSS so others too have a healthier option in the city,” he says.

Raising a toast to Popeye, I order myself a Spinach Kickstart. It is a blend of spinach, orange, banana, strawberry and carrot. The combination of banana and spinach stand-outs.

The carrot and orange add the extra sweetness and the strawberries add texture. I also try Evergreen Detox (banana, spinach, almond milk, green tea, cucumber and chia seeds) and Pre-workout (strawberry and banana).

It will be a favourite of those who are fans of strawberry.

The Green Goddess (cucumber, green apple, celery and pear) tastes overwhelmingly of pear and celery while Cucumber Cooler (cucumber, muskmelon, celery) is not as thick as the other smoothies. I can do with just a bit more muskmelon in it.

All the fruits and vegetables are kept in cold storage and therefore the smoothies are served without ice.

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