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Chesprocott Health Tips On Dealing With Stress And Keeping Up With Exams


The following are two of the Chesprocott’s Healthy Communities Coalition Health Tips, being offered by the Health District on a weekly basis throughout 2018:

Hint One

Stress goes hand-in-hand with modern life. While we can’t always avoid it, we can figure out how to cope. Some people find positive ways, like exercise, community service, yoga, deep breathing, listening to music, playing with pets, deep breathing, laughing, walking outside, eat a healthy snack, or meet up with friends. Other people struggle and turn to escapes like junk food or drugs and alcohol. It’s very important that you find support from friends, loved ones or professionals who can help before your stress feels overwhelming.

You can also prepare your mind and body to handle stress by taking care of yourself. This means:

  • eating healthy
  • exercising regularly
  • getting plenty of sleep
  • avoiding excess caffeine
  • connecting with others
  • practicing time management
  • having a routine to your days

Hint Two

Your yearly health exam is your doctor’s way of tracking your health. It’s also how your doctor can rule out or take care of serious health problems. If an issue is caught early, it’s easier to treat and your chances for a full recovery are better. If you already have a medical condition or are in a high-risk group for getting one, make a checkup schedule with your doctor that makes sense for your health and lifestyle. Take charge. Use the preventive care benefits, like your yearly exam, screenings and vaccines, covered by your health plan. Your checkup is an hour of your day that can add years to your life. Just remember to bring in any questions or concerns you have and be open about your health and family history.


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