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Five health and exercise tips from a top Hong Kong male model – eat five times a day, set fitness goals, do more …

We all know athletes have to keep in tip-top shape to perform their best. But what about models? Physical fitness and diet are a requirement for a profession in which looking good is your job.

With that in mind, here are five tips from Alexey Golikov, a 28-year-old Russian model who is currently working in Hong Kong. Golikov has made a name for himself with his picture-perfect physique. Here he spills how he does it.

1 Have an objective when you start a fitness plan, and get some help at the start

“For maximising your workout, you need to have a goal, so you can witness the results almost every day. Many people give up working out when they do it alone because they sometimes feel there is no improvement, and they eventually lose the motivation to continue. So for beginners, I suggest getting a personal trainer for the first two months to get some basic skills and knowledge and to have an assessment as to what type of workout their body needs.”

2 Cardio is king

“I’ve been working out since I was 15. I got myself in the best shape when I was 20. Now, due to my modelling, I work out in a more relaxed mode, with a maximum of three sessions a week, as opposed to six times a week in the past. It’s a lot of cardio, less weight training. In other words, it’s more like toning than bulking.

Skin health tips for fitness fanatics who want a glowing complexion

The reason for this is that I can’t afford to be too big in my job. I also play volleyball at least twice a week, which is a very good alternative to a cardio workout. During the weekend, I normally go hiking and do other outdoor activities. Basically, there is a place for any kind of sport in my life.”

3 When it comes to food, specialisation is key

“Diet is tough indeed. I do try to separate my daily meals into five meals, sometimes four, which trains your body to not accumulate fat, digest faster and get rid of the fat more quickly. I eat almost everything, for example, my base can be 150 grams of brown rice, buckwheat, or quinoa.

“For meat, I try to eat less chicken and more fish. I don’t eat pork at all. On the side, it’s salad, tomato, cucumber and broccoli. I don’t drink any kind of sodas, or anything bottled or canned. Water and fresh juice are good.

“If you really want to transform your body faster, you’ve got to make a special diet for yourself according to your body type, considering your body’s reactions to certain foods.”

4 Get enough sleep

“In general, for a model, sleep is as important as diet. You have to have enough sleep to be productive for your work, to follow up your diet on time, and to be sharp and focused on your goals.”

5 Being fit means taking care of the whole package

“I believe that being in good shape doesn’t only require oneself to work out in the gym, but also to consciously control your diet, learn and improve your personal skills, increase your IQ, get enough sleep and be stress-free. If you really want to get in good shape, then you should first make up your mind about that and be consistent with it.”

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