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Going the Extra Mile for Good Health

IN THE highly competitive hospitality industry, hotels are going the extra mile to provide good services and unique life experiences to their guests. Today’s travellers no longer want just a room to stay in. They demand an “experiential stay”. Of late, wellness has become a top priority for travellers, and hotels are increasingly focusing on wellness offerings such as Vitamin C showers, sleep programmes, adult colouring books postcards,healthy minibars, etc. The strategy is to create a distinctive experience with unique benefits for guests, to increase customer loyalty.

To provide a one-of-a-kind experience, hotels are focused not just on interiors, designing, food, and services, etc., but also on sustainable measures such as energy and water conservation, recycling and waste reduction, to name a few.

I have also observed a tremendous amount of effort hotels are putting in to enhance sleep quality and lower stress levels. These wellness features can be further enhanced by radiation protection solutions, which as of now are lesser known in the hospitality industry.

Why radiation protection solutions? Many of us are not aware of the adverse effects of radiation, whether electromagnetic (man-made radiation) or geopathic stress (natural radiation), on the human body. Did you know that the short term exposure to these radiations is linked to health issues like poor sleep quality, higher stress levels, aches and pains. These measures are also recognised by Indian Green Building Council’s Well Standards.

It’s important to understand the concept of electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress. Electromagnetic radiation, emanates from various wireless IoT devices such as mobile phones, computers, routers, servers, boosters and mobile transmission towers. Geopathic stress, on the other hand, is also called natural radiation and is a distorted or disrupted electromagnetic field of the earth. It emerges as straight invisible walls from the surface of the earth.

Several doctors, researchers and scientists believe that prolonged exposure to such radiation is harmful to human health. It can lead to lower immunity productivity, reproductive health issues, excessive fatigue, developmental issues in children and even cancer tumour in extreme cases.

In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO)- International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) also said that electromagnetic radiations can cause cancer in humans.

A growing number of luxury hotels are becoming aware of this and have implemented radiation protection solutions to ensure better health and wellbeing for their guests and teams alike.

Some of the luxury and premium hotels across India, like The Lalit Group, HRH Group and ITC Kohenur are already using radiation protection solutions. Yes, the industry has started to understand why guests are feeling fatigued and restless.

Radiation protection solutions in hotels add significantly to their comfort, sleep quality and wellbeing by lowering stress. These solutions are known to stabilise the resting heart rate (3%to 8% decrease) in the occupants of the building. We all know that the pulse/heart rate, is an indicator of stress level in the human body and this level of improvement is medically accepted as significant

Protecting guests from the ill-effects of everyday radiation is now becoming an integral part of the guest experience and a key differentiator of wellness initiatives in the hospitality sector.

The consequent effects are a healthier lifestyle leading to enhanced productivity, lower stress and better wellbeing not just for your guests but for your team too.

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