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Health Watch: Tips for eating fish just in time for Lent

I grew up in a small German Catholic community. That meant that this time of year Friedan night was fish night. Usually in the form of fish sticks. Now for me I consider fish sticks to be the ultimate Lenten penance. There is nothing nutritious or delicious about those meals we had growing up. What a difference today makes. The variety of fish available today are wonderful, nutritious, and delicious. Many are low in fat and the ones that are fatty fishes are high in Omega 3 which have many health benefits. Unfortunately we have to be concerned about other things other than fish being nutritious and delicious . Here are some ways you can make responsible choices, look for merchants that display responsibility. They will help educate you on healthy choices for you and our environment. And for other grocers, ask. Just the fact that you care should make them more conscientious about the choices they make when they purchase fish. And do your homework, The seafood watch is a great website and app from the Monterrey Bay aquarium. Where you can find all kinds of information on how to make sustainable choices, and choose quality over quantity just purchase what you will use for tonight because fish is highly perishable. So I challenge you to come up with some creative ways to eat fish two times this week and every week. My name is Julie Jensen, and Iā€™m a registered dietician nutritionist with Regional Health.

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