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Healthy Living: Could where you live determine how long you have to live?

The healthiest state in the nation is sunny Hawaii.

Scientists say people in the Aloha State live longer than folks in any other state.

The latest study shows California ranked a close number two.

The study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association this week compared state-by-state differences in diseases and life expectancy at birth.

A variety of factors were used to measure this in each state including diet, obesity, elevated blood pressure, tobacco and physical inactivity.

In 2016, Hawaii had the longest life expectancy at birth, at 81.3 years. California was a close second with residents here living on average to nearly 81 years. That’s a huge improvement for the golden state that ranked 24th back in 1990.

Mississippi still ranked last, 28 years after the original study. Life expectancy at birth there was 74.4 years in 2016. West Virginia and Alabama didn’t fare much better. Both are under 76 years.

So if the average life expectancy in California is 81, you’d have to think that living in San Diego would be a bonus.

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