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Healthy Living: Want to know the key to weight loss success …

Every week, I receive several emails and messages from people wanting to know how to be successful at losing weight. The thing is that weight loss success is not the result of doing one thing. It’s also not something that will happen in one day — you have to be consistent and stick with it especially when it gets tough. Fact of the matter is it can be pretty darn hard and it’s something I still struggle with especially since my hysterectomy which is why I try to look at the big picture.

If you are looking for a quick fix, you will not find it in this article. I’ve walked that walk many times looking for the magic weight loss potion. Personally I have tried just about every quick fix gimmick on the market at one time or another. Sure I would be able to lose some weight but as soon as I stopped doing whatever it was that I was doing, I would gain back the weight I lost PLUS more. Also it’s kind of scary when I think back to some of the weight loss products I’ve tried.

The best way to be successful in ANY thing you want to achieve in life is by first being 100 percent committed to the process and staying on track no matter how hard it may be. And I promise you it will be hard. Secondly, find someone who is already successful at what you want to do and ask for their help. Most of us can do something for one day, maybe one week or possibly for one month. After that it gets harder to stay on track even when you can see the finish line in your future. Having that successful person in your corner will help you push through those difficult times.  

Where should you start if you want to lose weight the healthy way? By following the K.I.S.S. method. Keep It Simple Silly.  Here are a few tips to help you get started:

• When trying to lose weight, your diet is more important than exercise. Think of food as fuel for your body. You would not put water in your car as fuel because your car is not designed to run on water. You need gasoline for fuel for your car. The same goes for your body. Choose whole foods over processed foods and your body will perform as it is designed to do.

• Calculate how many calories your body needs to maintain your current weight. It’s important to know where to start and this is your starting point. You actually may NOT be consuming enough calories. What happens is your body holds on to what you are eating because it does not know when it will receive fuel again.

• If you’re hungry — eat. Choose whole foods and skip the processed empty calories of soda, chips or even “healthy” bars.

• Start your day by drinking a glass of water. Why? Your body is coming off a food and water fast while you were sleeping. That glass of water will hydrate your body and get things moving.

To lose weight you need to consume fewer calories than you are using each day but not to the point that you are starving your body. Taking a sensible approach to weight loss will help you stay on track and reach your goals.

To your health,


Denise Sanger is a certified fitness instructor, FXP Hoop instructor, licensed Zumba, STRONG by Zumba instructor, teaches morning classes at and co-founder of Family Fitness Outreach Center with Becky Skipper. Their goal is a healthier Suwannee County. Denise may be reached at, 386/292-6105 or

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