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Let us all have good health care

Just as the Affordable Care Act is commonly called “Obamacare,” the proposed American Health Care Act is for the majority of us, “The American Wealth Care Act.”

It takes health care from up to 24 million of our vulnerable elderly and our poorest community members and passes the resources to the wealthiest in the form of tax cuts.

I remember Donald Trump promised “to take care of” (wink, wink) the forgotten people. This legislation will “take care of them” by removing their health care or by allowing premium increases by private insurers of up to 40 percent of an older, lower-income worker’s pay.

Now I know that the Affordable Care Act didn’t perform as expected but many accommodations had to be negotiated to try to bring everyone on board. Then the “Party of No” refused to cooperate in needed revisions. I thought then and continue to think that the transition of several age groups each year into Medicare would allow us to become a single-payer health care nation.

The United States can become “greater.” Since adulthood I have supported my birthplace, the United States of America, in its struggle to become a less prejudiced, more just and more loving home for all its people. The Republican proposal for health care does not make us “great again” or “greater.”

And for those wealthy individuals and corporate interests grasping their entitlements, please keep your hands in your own pockets and let all of us have good and affordable health care.

Brenda Black, Port Matilda

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