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Purdue professor contributes to new national health guidelines

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — National physical activity guidelines are being updated and adjusted for 2018, and a Purdue University professor contributed to the latest report.

Staying healthy and working out is a big part of many peoples day, especially Wayne Campbell.

The Purdue professor had a hand in the most recent national physical activity report.

“What has not changed is the overwhelming evidence that being more physically active is more health promoting,” Campbell said.

But he said some things have been adjusted.

“What has changed, is the scientific foundation for that, that broad recommendation, and the awareness that people can have health benefits from doing almost any activity,” he added.

He said there are many different aspects that go into physical fitness, and that the angles are endless.

“Exercizing more regularly at a fitness facility,” said Campbell. “Especially for athletes, how close can I get to my genetic potential?”

For others, good weather goes hand in hand with fitness.

“Any time the sun is shining I like to get out, either walking the bog or riding my bike, or just getting out and being active,” said Rhonda Ausk. “I can’t be in the house when the sun is shining it’s just kind of bred in me from being a Texan.”

Of the many factors that go into good health, Chloe Madrid said waking up earlier works for her.

“I feel more productive I don’t know I feel like the day is much longer and I can get more accomplished,” explained Madrid.

Campbell said just giving yourself a chance goes a long way.

“Give your body a chance to actually feel better,” he said. “Getting past the initial challenges of just getting started.”

In the end, even family can be a motivating factor.

“Try to stay active because I’ve gotta keep up with my grandkids,” said Ausk.

Campbell’s work has also extended to the dietary guidelines for Americans.

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