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Searching for good health advice for the summer

For many of us, good health and freedom from pain are often our first priority. But for most of us, there is little real information that helps us be healthy or free from pain.

Sometimes the mail I receive from the postal service, as well as emails, often have health advice that causes me to either laugh or consider following directions.

Credit for the best I received recently was The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2018, which had “Curious Cures for a Headache.” First was “Tie a red banana around your aching head,” and the other was to “Soak a brown paper bag in vinegar and apply it to your temples.”

Did you also laugh? No doubt it’s not funny if you have a headache.

Now I’m searching for stories about good health.

Online I found an article, “The Heart Surgeon’s Secret For Healthy Blood Pressure,” which I thought might be interesting and healthful. A famed heart surgeon. Dr. Chauncey Crandall, revealed what he recommends to patients who want to keep their blood pressure in the healthy zone.

You have no doubt heard or read that we are “in serious danger when our blood pressure is higher than normal.” It is often referred to as the “silent killer.” I didn’t find anything in the article that I thought would be helpful — except to ask your doctor to check your blood pressure regularly.

If you don’t have a regular doctor, perhaps it’s time to get one. Not because you are looking for signs of illness, as much as getting to know your doctor before you are ill. Let’s face it: Most of us have illness sooner or later.

However, when I began this article, I was searching for fun things to help us stay well. In frustration, I turned to the May edition of the Reader’s Digest, which has an article, “Foods With Extra Power.”

The first food was “Asparagus for High Blood Pressure.” According to the article, “Asparagus contains the natural diuretic asparagine which helps your body get rid of excess fluid and salt. This is helpful for people with edema caused by high pressure.”


Following paragraphs included “Tea for Infections,” “Pork for Energy,” “Onions for Lung Cancer,” “Cheese for Dental Health,” “Bananas for Depression and Anxiety” and “Beets for a Better Brain.”

The article noted that more healing foods are included in a book, “Foods That Harm and Foods that Heal,” wherever books are sold.

So I didn’t really find everything I wanted, but I did learn that I don’t know much about foods with healing power. However, since I am fairly healthy, I must be doing something right.

Billy Wetterer was family living editor for The Independent before her retirement. She writes a column twice a month for the newspaper. Email her at

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