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The Pros Have Spoken — Here’s How To Keep Your Hair Health In Check

Ryen Williams, PM/Producer

Hair Type: Coily 4C

The Question:
“I’ve been wearing protective styles for the past year in an effort to grow a full and bountiful afro for the summer. The problem is, I just recently went to the salon to get my hair ‘trimmed,’ and I had so many dead ends that I almost feel like I’m back to square one. How often should someone with my hair type get a trim to keep it healthy, and what are a few healthy, curl-defining tips I could use when not wearing protective styles?”

The Solve:
This tightly coiled hair type is delicate, so Johnson suggests keeping texture defined by trimming it every three to four months — even when growing it out and, yes, even when it’s often worn in protective styles. And when it’s time for coils to hang out? Try Johnson’s go-to style, which is equal parts defining and nourishing. “When not wearing protective styles, I recommend heavy, leave-in conditioner with a two-strand twist,” she says. “This allows the hair to naturally dry while creating a beautiful coil that lasts and looks defined.” Plus, the style is a great way to avoid shrinkage, Johnson says.

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