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The Shocking Amount Donald Trump Actually Gets Right About Healthy Living

As far as healthy presidents go, Donald Trump doesn’t exactly top the list. The POTUS is known for his love of fast food, disdain for physical activity, and even for lying about his health records.


However, according to various experts (don’t worry, they’re verified doctors), there are a few things Trump actually gets right about healthy living … plus, the one thing he does every day that professionals argue is good for your wellbeing (page 7).

1. He doesn’t drink

Donald Trump's brother, Fred Trump Donald Trump’s brother, Fred Trump Jr. | Global TV via YouTube

  • Trump has never taken a sip of alcohol
  • This was especially smart since alcoholism runs in the family

Trump is one of the first U.S. Presidents to avoid alcohol entirely. His older brother, Fred Trump, died from his alcohol abuse disorder, which motivated Trump to stay sober and encourage his children to do the same.

While doctors iterate there’s nothing wrong with the occasional boozy beverage, drinking the way most Americans do can lead to high blood pressure, compromised coordination, and liver issues. “If you don’t start [drinking] you’re never going have a problem. If you do start you might have a problem. And it’s a tough problem to stop,” Trump once told Fox News.

Next: He gets good amounts of vitamin D

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