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The Shocking Amount Donald Trump Actually Gets Right About Healthy Living

6. Sleeping in separate beds can be good for you

Donald Trump, Barron Trump and Melania Trump Donald Trump, Barron Trump, and Melania Trump | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

  • Donald and Melania sleep in separate beds in separate rooms of the White House
  • The National Sleep Foundation found that nearly 25% of couples sleep in separate beds

It’s a warning sign the first couple is on their way to a divorce, yes. But did you know that (agreeably) sleeping in a separate bed from your partner also improves your mood, makes you appreciate your partner more, and helps you get much-needed “me” time? At least, according to a few couples’ counselors.

Sleeping separately also guarantees you’ll get a good night’s rest if your partner is a disruptive sleeper. “Whether your partner snores or keeps you up in other ways, not getting a full night’s rest can take its toll.” By sleeping soundly, “your body will require less work to stay in shape,” intimacy expert Miyoko Rifkin said.

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