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This Rock Star’s Nutritionist Has The Best Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

Yelp, Happy Cow, Google Maps, and Chrome (yes, the web browser) are my go-to travel apps. One of my favorite things about traveling is finding healthy spots everywhere I go. It’s so cool to see so many places around the world offering healthy options, and it’s awesome to get to experience the culture around it in every city! I’ve found when I seek out organic food, I end up at some really delicious, high-quality food spots while still getting offerings of the city’s local fare. In my experience, organic food spots tend to offer higher-quality food, “food with a conscience,” so I have had some of the most amazing meals in new cities by simply searching for “organic food.” I also like to seek organic food places out to avoid exposure to pesticides.

Here’s my step-by-step system: I open up Yelp and first search for “organic,” “organic food,” and “organic restaurant.” Then I search “juice bar” and “vegetarian” or “plant-based.” Even though I don’t eat an entirely plant-based diet, these terms always pull up the best food spots! I also do a search around me in Happy Cow and see what comes up. From there, I read reviews and menus to assess which places look best and make a list. On rare occasions when Yelp and Happy Cow don’t pull up anything good, I go to Google Maps and search similar terms as above to see if they pull up anything these apps missed. If you’re in a city where they don’t speak your language, then pull up the menu in Chrome and it will translate whatever language the site is in to your native language. This has been a huge help for me while overseas in Europe!

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